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Four Elements Fitness gym strives to be an inclusive and welcoming place for people who may not feel at home in other workout spaces. Your presence plays a major part of what makes the gym an excellent place to learn and train. To keep our gym a positive space, we ask all gym members and guests to adhere to the following guidelines to keep things smooth on and off the mat.
  1. Treat instructors and fellow students with respect 

  2. Respect people’s pronouns 

  3. Keep your ego in check

  4. Do your part to promote a positive gym environment

  5. Bring any issues directly to your instructor or gym management

  6. Be on time and prepared to fully participate

  7. Keep talking to a minimum during class

  8. Pay attention and do not distract others during technique demonstrations

  9. Stick to the techniques that the instructor has shown

  10. Respect size, age, and weight differences when sparring/rolling 

  11. Respect partner requests and instructor directions during sparring/rolling

  12. No shoes on the mats. And wear shoes when off the mat.

  13. Wear appropriate and clean clothing/gear to class

  14. Remove jewelry prior to training

  15. Store personal belongings in the provided cubbies

  16. Clean up after yourself 

  17. No food, drink, or chewing gum on the mats

  18. Do not come to class under the influence of alcohol or drugs

  19. Keep your fingernail and toenails trimmed

  20. Do not come to class if you are sick or have skin infections

  21. Follow all gym rules including current Covid protocols


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