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e3 Grip & Glove Tricep Isometric

This can be done with the e3 Grips, e3 Gloves or the combination of the two and will help improve shoulder position and alignment.

Bicep Isolation with e3 Grips Arm Curl

SAVE BIG on the e3 COMBO PACK • Single Pack e3 Grips • Core Activation Gloves – Black Fingerless e3 Core Activation Glove (patent pending) incorporates the patented e3 Fitness Grip principles for strength conditioning, physical rehabilitation, and physical activities. e3 glove and grip stabilize the hips and shoulders which create efficient muscle use of the legs and arms.

For those of your involved in team sports or group activities, they are also running a FALL TEAM SALE with up to 45% off of group purchases, inquire here.

Body Shop: Align Your Kinetic Chain Workshop

Sunday, April 26th, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

A workshop & Stephen Tamaribuchi Kick More Ass / Take More Names! SPACE IS LIMITED

Alignment and efficiency are vital to healthy human bio-mechanics. Align and stabilize your head, shoulders, and spine and your quality of life improves. Computer posture, driving posture, posture that mimics your furniture is athletically and funtionally damaging. We acquire our biomechanics from mimicking adults during our infancy and early childhood. This unfortunately leads to developing mechanical habits that can lead to injury and biomechanical inefficiency.

Improve your mobility, stability, and strength.

This two hour workshop will provide you with a badass geek-mode cheat sheet. You will gain insight on how to best trouble shoot the most common pain zones and areas of structural misalignment. These patterns are easily corrected with a few simple techniques. You’ll learn how changing your hand position alone can allow you to move from your center and access the holy grail of “strength is a skill”. Our bodies are meant to move as a unified whole, not as a series of parts. Take this class and you will trade in years of low grade rehab for a lifetime of structural advantage.

Equipment: A pair of complimentary e3 Grips for all who enroll.

Instructor: Stephen Tamaribuchi, one of the nation’s top consultants for prevention of repetitive strain injuries, invented the e3 grip technology as a result of twenty years experience in the field of human biomechanics, working with both sports athletes and “corporate athletes” suffering from repetitive stress injuries.

Stephen holds B.A. and M.A.degrees from California State University, Sacramento. He was trained by world renowned Japanese masters of shiatsu acupressure, Wataru Ohashi and Shizuto Masunaga, and has been practicing and lecturing locally and nationally for twenty years.

Stephen’s corporate clients have included Microsoft Corporation, Apple Computer, Hewlett Packard, California Self-Insured Association, Northern California Hand Therapy Study Group, Northern California Association of Radiological Technicians, Department of Industrial Relations, State of California, Georgia Pacific, the Department of Health Services, State of California, the Fleming Company, Radiological Associates, Office Ergonomics Research Committee (O.E.R.C.), and the Burton Snowboard Team.

Cost: $100, which includes a pair of complimentary e3 Grips.

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