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Dirty Dozen’s Cindy Hales BJJ Seminars

ADVANCED: Brown & Black

Sunday Dec. 1-3pm

The advanced seminar (brown-black) will focus on guard passing and a sweep series from guard. Discussion topics will include the basic concepts of the positions and modifications for Gi, no Gi and what ifs. At the end of the seminar, there will be a Q&A on other positions, submissions and problematic areas.

LIMITED SPACE By donation but you can guarantee your spot with pre-registration offered for $20 early bird, $25 after – for all gendersREGISTER NOW


December 13th, Sunday 3-5pm

In this seminar, basic concepts and high-percentage set ups for the triangle will be covered. There will be Q&A and time for training at the end of the seminar.

LIMITED SPACE Early bird $45 before 12/1,$50 online, $60 at the door- Pre-registration advised since 12 spots only – for all genders.REGISTER NOW

Privates also available

Contact us for more info.

Cindy Hales

As a member of the female “Dirty Dozen”, Cindy is one of an elite group of pioneers. She is one of the first twelve women to receive the black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. And she was one of the fastest, going from white belt to the height of the sport in less than 5 years. Along the way, she captured a Pan American title, the Grapplers Quest women’s Professional title, multiple NAGA titles, as well as winning several MMA fights. She laid waste to the tournament circuit, and was promoted to black belt in December of 2006. She’s competed at the ADCC Championship, flown halfway around the world to fight(twice), and established a reputation as one of the most fearsome competitors alive.

But that’s not even close to the full story. She can teach, as well as do. She runs the most consistently successful kids program in the northwest, and she’s coached athletes to MMA wins, and Grappling world championship titles. Her teaching style is simple and effective. She’s got a knack for breaking techniques down into easy to understand pieces, and is in high demand for seminars and private lessons as a result. Few people have the combination of competitive drive and educational chops that Cindy possesses, and everyone who attends her seminars come away with a new perspective on Jiu-Jitsu.

Read more about the “Dirty Dozen” here.



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Butts and Guts Challenge: 4-Week Workshop Series with Mollii Khangsengsing & Judy Gomes

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