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Train BJJ as a Family – Seminar with Judy Gomes

FOUR Elements Fitness October 9th, Sunday 4-6p Instructor Judy Gomes

Looking for ways kids and parents can train together and ways to create a family training dynamic?

A big obstacle for parents is getting to the gym or finding time of their own train but there’s ways you can train with each other in and outside the gym! No age requirements. Children 2 years and under FREE with adult registration.

*If you have LIMITED INCOME and want to attend, please contact us: **** Family BJJ Early Bird Special Registration ****

2 family members ($45 – $10 OFF)

Add-on 1 person ($10- 50% OFF)

Train as a family…

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor Judy Gomes will lead this special once-off class (that could happen again). Kids get to roll around on the mat and learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques with their adults and other little ones – while the adults also get a chance to train with each other.

This is a safe and fun environment for kids being introduced to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for the first time and a perfect opportunity for those who’ve seen their parents train over the years to give it a try. This is also an opportunity for more experienced kids to give some pointers to the first-timers as well as how to train as a family in and outside of the gym.

Judy Gomes: Jiu jitsu is my religião Brown belt under Diogo Gomes/Rio Combat Team *BJJ*CrossFit*Yoga* & repeat NASM CPT, CrossFit L1 Trainer

Photography by Lissette Barros – check out her sweet BJJ clothing line.

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