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“PUMPING PATTERNS” with Melissa Wyman- Novemeber 5th

FOUR Elements Fitness in Oakland, California November 5th from 5:30pm-8pm

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Join us for the FOUR Elements Fitness Art Series inaugural event, ‘Pumping Patterns’ by Melissa Wyman.

Check the schedule of events below

What it is: A participatory event that explores collaborative and combative patterns (visual, physical, and mental) through specially constructed exercises and stimulating clothing in a gym atmosphere. What this involves: Melissa Wyman is creating a series of recordings (photographs, drawings and paintings) of people engaged in physical activities adapted from gym challenges, brain stimulation games and everyday movement, while wearing a variety of matching and clashing designs. She invites all of you to join her at Four Elements Fitness wearing clothes of patterned materials (dots, checkers, plaid, seersucker, paisley, floral, leopard, vermicular – you name it.) If you don’t have such attire, there will be some available on site.

Thinking about patterns: In much of her work, Melissa investigates alternative means of negotiation. She has become increasingly interested in how mental patterns manifest in physical ways and vice versa creating patterns of emotions, behaviors, expressions and beliefs. She views people as walking manifestations of their patterning, interacting with each other in complex ways. Thinking about how daily routines shape one’s existence, and how the connectivity of the brain can be stimulated like a muscle, expanding and contracting based on usage, she is developing visual, mental and physical exercises as an intervention into staid, stuck and stubborn patterns – with oneself and with others.


5:30 – 6pm – Meet the artist, learn about the project and find out more about the Four Elements Art Series

6pm-7pm – The Pumping Patterns body-brain exercise class + Join in this group exercise class to strengthen neural communication, brain and body balance, flexibility and rigor, and bridge the gap between the two brain hemispheres. (Intensity level: low to medium)

7pm – 8pm – Open mat: Grappling and ‘Collaborative Combative Pattern Drawing’ + Experience merging and clashing patterns in action! Spectators are also welcome. (Intensity level: medium to high, or what you make it)

+ + Enjoy refreshments!

* You can choose which activities you do and no prior experience is needed. Participants can receive a limited edition printed photo of the event.

Melissa Wyman is an interdisciplinary artist who investigates interpersonal exchanges and alternative means of negotiation. Her work is often participatory and incorporates performance, video, installation, drawing, painting, fighting and social practice. She occasionally makes objects.

The FOUR Elements Art Series is a new, vital platform for artists working in a range of media and at different stages of their careers to present their ideas. In addition to furthering their own artistic practices and experimentation, artists are also invited to respond directly to and activate the space through unique classes, actions, happenings, and events.

Please RSVP – space is limited. FEF members: FREE Non-members: Door fee $15 Paid in advance $10

Fees support the Four Elements Art Series – the artists, materials, refreshments and the space

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