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Upcoming: Steven Berroteran – February 24, 2018

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

February 24th, 7-9pm (The performance will start at 7pm sharp!)

Imprinted – A one hour endurance performance

For this event Steven Berroteran will take a large blank vinyl canvas and with paint applied to his hands, imprint the canvas for the duration of the performance. Endurance, determination and suffering will ensue as the sound of heavy breathing and paint splatter covers the canvas as well as the artist.

About Steven

Steven Berroteran is a Nicaraguan-American born Artist based in the East Bay Area and received his MFA in Studio Art at Mills College. His work breaks the body down through physical endurance based performances, capturing the body in its most vulnerable and tense state, showing emotional distress and a stronger focus on how endurance plays a part in our daily lives.

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