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Grand Opening Coming Soon!

We are super psyched to announce our Grand Opening is a month away! C urrently we are mat laying, painting, wall and equipment building, cleaning, battling the rain, and web constructing to get our excellent little space ready for action. In honor of our coming Grand Opening we are offering a very special deal…

Train your urban beast to be fast, ferocious and strong as sh%t at FEF! Monday through Saturday mornings get your rocks off, up and tossed in this fully functional cave-style training program. Old school methods meets better living through exercise science. You will lift heavy odd objects, you will slam tires, you will stabilize balls filled with water, and you will climb the walls. This class is fun, community building and beast friendly. It’s the fitness version of fight club. To be in peak physical condition you need brute strength, endurance and agility. That’s our focus. If you pay attention you will also notice that you are learning to tumble, break fall and handle yourself in the street – it’s all worked into the workout. All levels are welcome – we will start where you start – looking back you won’t believe how far you’ve come.

Purchase before January 1st to get in on the good stuff.

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