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Rolling For The People at CTRL+SHFT Gallery

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

The Four Elements Art Series and Rolling For The People teamed up with the CTRL+SHFT Collective to present a self-defense and ‘Wrestle-Coloring’ event and raise money for the ACLU.

**Update** We raised $2,000, that we delivered in person to the Northern California ACLU, through the grapple-athon open mat sessions (hosted by different BJJ gyms across the Bay Area) and this public event at CTRL+SHFT.    

Event date: January 14th, 2017 at 7-10pm  at CTRL+SHFT 1430 34th St, Oakland, CA 94608

We are calling on all community members to support inclusivity and human rights by learning self-defense and participating in ‘wrestle-coloring’!

This public event will help the Rolling For The People team reach their 36-hour Grapple-athon fundraising goal to raise money for the ACLU. Participants will learn effective, real-life self-defense and wrestling techniques as well as experience the joy of ‘wrestle-coloring’ with friends.

Suggested donation for the self-defense class and ‘wrestle-coloring’ experience is $10 (no one will be turned away for lack of funds). Posters will also be available. All proceeds will go to the ACLU. *The Rolling For The People team chooses to donate the money raised to the ACLU, but this event is not affiliated with the ACLU in any way.

About The Rolling For The People Team: Originating out of FOUR Elements Fitness with support from the FOUR Elements Art Series, The Rolling For The People Team is facilitated by grapplers Shawn Tamaribuchi-Keiser, Vonique Stricklen, Melissa Wyman and Dion Burns. The team now consists of a growing group of grapplers training out of different gyms across the Bay Area and beyond. Putting political affiliations aside, the mission of this team is to recognize the rights and contributions of people of different ethnicities, religions, gender identity and sexual orientation both on and off the mat.

See more photos of Rolling For The People’s Bay Area Grapple-athon.

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